How to Arouse a Man With These 7 Sex Moves Men Love Most!

How to Arouse a Man…Use These Foreplay Tips and Have Him Begging For More!

how to arouse a manMen are sex creatures. And wanting to know how to arouse a man is a great question. Some people have argued that men love sex more than women.

This is a notion that cannot be proved but one thing is for sure; men are easily aroused and quickly satisfied than women. While most men won’t admit it, guys love sex in certain positions and love it when a woman knows how to use her body language provocatively during sex.

There are certain moves that men love most and will drive any man crazy in every way. Not only will you experience a better sex life if you know these moves as a woman, but you will attract your guy interest in you and make him want to have sex with you more often. Knowing this moves is a great turn ons for guys. The good things is, you don’t have to be athletic perform them since they are quite simple

These 7 sex moves are great turn ons for guys…And if your wanting to know how to arouse a Man [YOUR MAN]. Try them on him and you will be pleased by the results…

1. Give Him Time to Watch You…Move in a certain sexy way with the sole purpose of making him exited. It’s been said time and again that if you want to learn how to please your man, and how to arouse a Man, then you have to discover how to use your body in the right manner. Like mentioned previously, men are physical creatures and nothing turns a man on like a woman who knows how to touch her body. Some men have been quoted saying that they are really excited by the sight of a woman who is climaxing. So the next time you want to arouse your guy, assume a V position when naked and start straddling your clit in front of him. Men love this move.

how to arouse a man naughty secrets

2. Stand Him Up…That men love being stroked needs no emphasis. As a matter of fact they love being handled by female hands. They cherish watching a woman take the lead in making them aroused. If your guy can’t have a firm erection, try rubbing some oil in your palms and place the other hand at the base of his penis. Work the hand with the oil up and down in a circular motion while caressing the head gently with your palms. Repeat this move a couple of times.

If he is sensitive in the area around the anus and the testicles, adjust the grip at the base of his penis and massage the area with your finger or thumb. When he finally achieves a full and firm erection, make sure he maintains it by stroking him gently.

3. The Hand Job…Men love hand jobs. If you want to please your man sexually, learn how to give him a hand job like no other. Start by clasping your oiled hands together and hold his penis tightly. Move the hands up and down along the shaft as you work your way back and down. When he is fully erectile clasp your hands on the top of the shaft then release him at one second intervals. Repeat this move severally before finishing him off by running your thumb from the head all the way to the underside. How to arouse a Man with the handjob will drive Him crazy!

how to arouse a man with astand up kiss4. The Stand Up Kiss…This is meant to restore his erection during love making and can be perfect especially when he is assuming that he’s not in the mood. This is one of the 7 sex moves that men love most and can be the most direct move to make him ready for sex.

Hold his penis firmly and put it in your mouth while moving the head and the shaft in and out. When he is erect use one hand to do the circular twist move as you move your tongue around the area that separates the head and the shaft. You can move your tongue back and forth around this flimsy area.

5. Oral Sex…One of the ways of discovering how to please your man in bed is conducting oral sex until he achieves orgasm. Place his penis in your mouth and move it in and out until he is close to hitting orgasm. Slowly draw him in as much as you can handle with ease. Gently move your tongue around the shaft as you suck him. Go ahead and open your mouth to release the penis but keep the tip of your tongue busy. In the meantime you can be massaging his testicles with one hand.

how to arouse a man with oral sex

6. The Roundabout Path…This is the ultimate move on how to satisfy your man in bed. It involves moving into a superior position with an aim of heightening his excitement and visual stimulation while making you clit and G-spot stimulated as well. To perfectly pull this one, move in an oval track as opposed to moving straight up and down. Picture yourself circumscribing an oval using your body with the upstroke and down stroke on the opposite ends. Bend over as you push your man down while stimulating your clit at the same time. Repeat the move but this time move backwards on the upstroke to stimulate your G-spot.

how to arouse a man with different positions7. Adjust the Angle…Adopt various rear entry positions to considerably improve the sex experience between you and your man. This rear position entry adjustment achieves two very important things. It flatters your buttocks in the sexiest way possible and increases the G-spot stimulation. If you have never achieved orgasm, you need to try this move.

Kneel on the edge of your bed while your man is standing behind you. Lean forward and place your chest flat on the bed to raise your hips at an angle that is different at that position. This makes your virginal tract long in addition to stimulating your G-spot effectively increasing pleasure for you and your partner.

Sex and good sex for that matter is a very integral part of any relationship. It is your duty to make it as exciting as possible. Good sex is learnt over time and it is encouraged to try out new horizons to make it as satisfying as a possible. These 7 moves that men love most will help you unravel his sexual desires and fantasies as well.

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How to Please Your Man in Bed

How to Please Your Man With These 8 Super Hot Ways to Pleasure Him!

How to Please Your Man in BedIt’s no secret that knowing How to Please Your Man in Bed will bring lasting love and respect to the relationship. Men love hand jobs, blowjobs and fantasize about oral sex. Men generally love sex in comparison to their female counterparts.

If you know how to satisfy your man in bed then you might be in for a long intimate relationship full of romance.

Satisfying your man in bed is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to get his undivided attention and loyalty. They say that it is a man’s responsibility to start a relationship but it’s the woman who is tasked with the responsibility to make sure it works.

Like stated above one of the components of a blissful relationship is having great sex more often. To make sure that you have a romantic relationship try these naughty tips!

How to Please Your Man in Bed

 8 Naughty Tips That Will Blow His mind!

1. Tease Him…Play naughty games with your man and learn how to please your man with such games. Have fun with your partner and don’t restrict the extent you can go with these games. If you want to satisfy your man in bed, you need to make him desire you as well.

Great sex doesn’t just happen; it takes ingenuity to make it come about. There is absolutely nothing wrong in dancing in front of him just before sex or making him long for your body by teasing him with your tongue as you lick his body. The more you tease him the more you increase in his desire to make love to you.

How to please a man by taking control2. Initiate Sex…This is really important if your looking for ways on how to please your Man. Men are traditionally known to initiate sex. This is a notion that can be traced back to the ancestral years and it’s not cast in stone that this should always be the case. Men love to keep things in control that’s why they are okay with initiating sex.

If you want to learn how satisfy your man in bed make it a habit to initiate sex once in a while. By initiating sex you not only make him feel attracted but you also make him feel appreciated. It’s not that hard to initiate sex with your guy, whisper to his ear how badly you want him inside you or grab his penis inside his pants. If you want to get really naughty, a morning blow job would just be perfect.

3. Take Charge…Men love to take charge during sex but don’t get that to mean they don’t like being dominated once in a while as well. You will agree with me that it can be somewhat boring when your man is the one who is always in control during sex.

Nothing drives a man wild than a woman who knows how to please a man and who grabs him and pushes him down and goes ahead to have her way with him. Men generally find a woman who knows what she wants in bed very seductive. Taking charge once in a while lets you discover how to arouse a man as well.

how to please your man with words

4. Make Him Feel Wanted…It is important to note that men have a very strong need to feel sexually wanted. The simple “I want you line” can be a great boost to his ego. You can let your man know how good he makes you feel when you are having sex with him.

If you want to learn how to please your man sexually, try mentioning to him that you love when he is inside you and you will be amazed at his excitement. While he might not tell you that he is pleased, his body language will tell you that he is. If you want to be more direct, you can stare at his butt or any other part of his body that you find to be a great turn on.

Lust after him, touch him in naughty places and don’t forget catch him off guard and tell him that he looks so sexy because that’s how to satisfy your man in bed.

how to please a man by being vocal during sex5. Be Vocal…Your man will certainly love it if you let loose of your body and mind and get loud about how you feel. That you can express yourself in bed is a huge turn on for any man. Whether you decide to moan, groan or go on unlimited screaming binge, your man will appreciate the feedback that they are doing a good job and you are enjoying it.

Your man need to know that you are enjoying what he is doing to you; that’s how you please you man in bed. Engage him in some dirty talk to blow off his mind. A filthy play by play or a naughty line telling him what to expect may just be enough.

The Key to Sexually Arousing Men With Words

6. Give Him Instructions…What each woman like is bed varies. Men love some naughty guidance on how to pleasure you. If you don’t let your man know how you like it, you might be setting the stage for long episodes of trial and error sex.

You are the sole person who knows what drives you crazy during sex so some instructions will get him on the right direction. Don’t be shy about it or else you won’t discover how to satisfy your man in bed. A woman who knows what she wants in bed is a great turn on not to mention that guys get a lot of sexual satisfaction from making their partners pleased.

7. Worship Him…Sex is all about feeding a man’s ego; that’s the perspective men have. A man wants to feel appreciated, loved and worshiped. This is the reason why oral sex is of paramount importance to them.

So much are men buried in this idea that they want you to worship their cocks in the same way they do. You have the power to send your man over the erotic edge with a thigh shuddering orgasm if you make him feel so sexy. How to satisfy your man in bed depends on how good you are at making him feel sexy.

8. Be AudaciousMen love women who are adventurous and are constantly trying new things in the bedroom. Sexual appetite varies from one person to the other, so be open to the idea of trying new naughty things in the bedroom. It is boring to do the same thing always.

Open up to his fantasies and desires and will know how to please your man….and he will have an easier time expressing himself sexually. Don’t misjudge him if he is not comfortable with the some of the naughty things you might want to bring in the bedroom. It is always advisable to sit down with him and discuss on what you should do and what to avoid so that he doesn’t feel like a pervert.

What are you waiting for?? Use the Language of Desire on your Man tonight!!!

how to please your man with the language of desire

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5 Ways of Pleasing Your Man Completely Tonight!

5 Proven Ways of Pleasing Your Man in Bed!

Really pleasing a man in the bedroomIt’s the simple little things you can do for pleasing your man in bed. These are the things you do in a relationship that make the biggest difference.

Contrary to what many women think, it is not hard to please your man in a relationship. It’s not hard to please him when you have known for instance what makes him happy, angry, moody and depressed.

Discover 5 ways of pleasing your man…By appreciating your man in a unique way while sharing the little gifts of love. Just like women, men who are pleased by their women return the favor by loving them in equal measure.

To Keep your Man Satisfied in Bed…Use These 5 Tips for Pleasing Your Man Tonight!

1. Get to Know Him…This is where it starts in the quest to please your man. You cannot please your man if you are not making frantic efforts to know him. How can you keep him delighted if you don’t know what makes his face glow and what makes him frown? It’s not hard to know your man though.

Perhaps the most you can do is observe and listen to him then you will figure out who he really is and what he represents. Men are easily pleased by women who know them almost inside out. If you want to strengthen the bond between you and your man and inspire his unending devotion, learn to appreciate what he brings forward.

When having sex learn how to please your man in bed by discerning his favorite positions to increase his passion and desire. Don’t forget to remind him of what you see in him while you are at it and keep it as positive as you can.

pleasing your man by touching him2. Enjoy the Way He Moves…One of the biggest sources of joy for a man is using his body in conjunction with his physical attributes and abilities to get what he wants. Whether it’s him playing sports, chopping firewood, rock climbing or doing the morning jog, men feel most alive when they are using their bodies.

Move with you man, watch him and let him know that you like it. As a matter of fact one of the rules on how to arouse your man involves telling him that he is sexy and you like the way he makes love to you in bed. By appreciating his physical attributes and abilities you effectively stir his passions into frenzy. Men rarely get complements for the way the look or how good they are in bed; it therefore pleases any man if you let them know about it.

3. Let Him Know of His Impact on You…Men literally get goose bumps if you let them know that they have a huge impact in your life. You can discover how to please you man sexually if you let him know that you have butterflies when you are together.

If your heart beats much faster when you are together or if you get turned on by his kisses, let him know about it. Of the 5 ways to really please him, one involves telling him how you feel when you move closer to him or when he touches you. Your boyfriend wants to know that he means something to you or how your world has changed as a result if being with him.

When you constantly remind him of how he has impacted you positively, be sure to get more of those actions coming your way since men rarely forget something special their women have shared with them.

pleasing your man in bed

4. Be There for Him in Difficult Times…Life is or always going to be easy. There are times when the world will overwhelm your man. There are times when he is going to feel incapable or when something hurts his instincts. Men tend to withdraw and be alone during such periods.

Men are taught that they need to sort out difficult situations on their own and have to be strong and confident and never show their weaknesses. In difficult times men tend to retreat and if you really care about your man don’t leave him alone. Go see him, check in on him or call him to ask if he is okay.

pleasing your manDon’t be surprised or annoyed if he doesn’t want to talk to you. Don’t misinterpret that to mean that you should go away though, just be there for him. Maybe all he needs at that particular moment is your embrace and letting him know that you are genuinely concerned about what he is going through. All of us need a shoulder to lean on at times.

If you stay with your man, show him that there is nothing wrong in being vulnerable and he might just open up to you. It’s not an easy thing to make your man open up to you so be patient with him. If a man learns you are his true friend, he will reward you with his loyalty not to mention that men hardly forget those who have been there for them in difficult times.

pleasing your man

5. Share about “Stuff” Often…Men perceive the world in a different way when compared to women and it is needless to say that this is a beautiful thing.

The women’s world is based on feelings and is more delicate and dynamic, susceptible to rapid changes in way that is difficult for men to understand. While your man may be doing all he can to enjoy the uniqueness in you he may not be entirely successful.

Sometimes he wants you to talk about “stuff with him. This depends on who he is. It’s sometimes not about sex when pleasing your man. It could be anything from extreme sports to martial arts to the latest history book he has been reading. You will be surprised that despite his knowledge on these “stuff” he will still want you to get into details of it with you.

In a nutshell one of the 5 ways to really please him is by you actively indulging in constructive debates with him. If you are in the quest to please your man in bed for instance, it doesn’t hurt discussing with him some of his sexual fantasies and desires. Using these 5 ways will really satisfy your man. The more he opens up to you the more you have an easy time in spicing up your relationship and making it even more exciting.

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How to Please Your Man Sexually Tonight With These 5 Sex Secrets!

How to Please Your Man Sexually…5 Things to Do to Satisfy You Man Sexually!

How to Please Your Man Sexually Sex is great more so when it’s done with the right person. How to please your Man sexually is not all about getting your man inside you. It about getting satisfied and making him pleased as well. It is important to mention that a sexually satisfied man will hardly stray.

How do you satisfy your man? Satisfying your man boils down to discovering how to please your man sexually. It’s about discovering his sexual fantasies and desires then finding ingeniously ways to have them fulfilled. Pleasing your man makes him crave for you not to mention that he is more loyal to you.

Men can be full of surprises and the bedroom behavior is no different. While there may be little to explain why men behave in a certain way in the bedroom, there are 5 secrets that every woman should know to make the bond with their partners stronger.

5 Sex Secrets Every Woman Must Know if They Want to Please There Man Sexually!

1. He Nurses the Fear of Letting You Down…Men are always under some form of pressure to perform sexually. The fact that most women are not waiting to get married in order to have sex makes them relatively relaxed in the bedroom. Most relationship experts encourage women to open up about their sexual desires and fantasies in addition to their complaints.

How to Please Your Man Sexually with the language of desire

The modern woman is sexually liberated which is a great concern for many guys. The pressure to perform has suddenly shifted to men and the today’s man can feel but feel the urge to please his woman. While you may not be bothered by his performance, you may want to forgive him when he doesn’t perform to your expectation.

If your man doesn’t satisfy you sexually, he might shift the blame to you to guard his ego. It therefore calls for your ability to handle such situations wisely should they arise. Never insult him but rather pretend that it is not a really big deal to you. This is a proven way to please you man.

How to Please Your Man Sexually 2. Your Man Need Validation to Get His Groove On…Sex has been viewed as a source of power in vast ages; it gives proof that one is indeed masculine. Having sex means that a man is able to impress his woman, he is energetic enough and can be a lover and a keeper.

In a nutshell, your man wants to be your super hero and wants you to see him that way. When he satisfies you sexually he knows that he is your superman and it then becomes your duty to make him know so. If he makes you feel good, make him know it because that’s how to arouse a man.

Don’t forget to compliment him often as a way of encouraging him. Look happy and satisfied and you will in effect make him feel super.

How Women Instantly Gain 10-Times More Confidence In The Bedroom

3. Men Don’t Like Waiting Too Long…If you are in the quest of how to please your man sexually, you need to stop playing by one of the dating rules that state you should wait for long before you give into the thought of sleeping with him.

A majority of women tend to ignore the fact that a man won’t wait for long to have sex with you and end up losing them to other women. It is a known fact that most guys are likely to commit to a woman if there is a sexual twist to the relationship. If you know how to please your man in bed you will be in effect making him know that you find him desirable sexually.

Learn how to satisfy your man in bed as well because men tend to cling on women who know at least a few things about men sexual satisfaction. It is wise to add that if your man over insists in having sex say on the first day of knowing him or he gets offended when you initiate sex you can consider getting rid of him because he might be having ill motives.

How to Please Your Man Sexually 4. Men are Conscious About Their Bodies in the Same Way Women Do…It would be a grievous mistake to assume that your man is not conscious about his body the same way you are to yours. That’s the reason why he hits the gym once in a while or wakes up early for the morning jog to keep his body fit in the hope that he will keep your attraction towards him intact.

He is aware that you are mostly likely to get attracted to a guy who has a nice pair of biceps so don’t wonder why he is frustrated when you don’t appreciate his six pack during sex. While most men may pretend not to get bothered by weight issues as most women do, the truth of the matter is that they have images issues as well.

A good number of men are concerned about their height and baldness for instance so he is hoping for mood lighting in the bedroom the same way you are. Learn how to please your man in bed by telling him that you find him attractive while showing him affection as well.

please your man sexually with dirty words

5. Most Men Hardly Forgive a Cheating Woman…You man can forgive you on a number of mistakes but trust me when I say it might take a very special man to forgive a woman who has betrayed him in sexually. It therefore goes without saying that if you want to know how to please your man sexually you need to give him undivided loyalty unless you don’t love him that much.

Show him your loyalty by remaining faithful when you are in a committed relationship in addition to supporting him in other endeavors when necessary as well. This makes him feel more secure and gives him the necessary motivation to let loose in the bedroom when having sex with you. Your man wants commitment and loyalty the same way you do so it wouldn’t be too much when he tells you to keep your eye off other men.

A man who is sexually satisfied by his woman will feel contented and confident. He won’t be afraid to share with you his sexual fantasies and desires. With these secrets you will have your man commit to you without asking.


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How to Please Your Man in Bed With These 9 Pleasure Triggers!

Please Your Man in Bed By Using His Pleasure Points to Your Advantage!

How to Please Your Man in BedWhen you please your Man in bed it’s relatively easy to tell when you man is aroused. You can’t fail to notice when he hits orgasm or when he is really enjoying it. His body however doesn’t show such signals all the time. As a matter of fact, some of his responses can be absolutely restrained.

Whether restrained or not it doesn’t mean that you should not be aware of the physiological changes that he is going through during sex since this is very fundamental when it comes to figuring out how to please your man in bed.

To help unravel male sexual truths, here is a comprehensive look on how to please your man in bed and his 9 pleasure triggers. Use them on your man and you make him crave for your body even more:

The Secret Sexual Triggers to Please Your Man in Bed! Know Them!….Use Them!

1. Linger on His Nipples…What you may not know is that men nipples just like those of women are loaded with numerous nerves and merit some attention. Not only do they deserve attention but are also very crucial when it comes to intensifying his pleasure.

Sucking your man’s nipples will spark his arousal as well. Discover how to arouse your man in bed and don’t wait for his request for you to stroke his nipples. Take the matter into your own hands and mouth. You can start by stroking him with the tip of your finger then proceed to kiss them passionately.

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how to please a man in bed with dirty words

2. Your Naked Body…Men are visual creatures and are easily triggered by the naked body of a woman. Before you get in-between the sheets it will really please your man if he has a naked view of your body. You can give him the view that he so craves on the middle of the act as well.

You can for instance change positions during the intercourse for a doggie style. This will give him the unadulterated view of your buttocks- guys love this, trust me! If you are on top, lower the upper part of your body to give him a larger view of your breasts and stomach. Don’t mind about the extra weight around you waist because the more he gets to see the more he loves what he sees!

Pleasing Your Man in Bed3. The Outer Part of His Lower Lip…It goes without saying that the male mouth is a palpable moan zone. However laying emphasis on the slope between his outside lower lip and the chin will bring intensity to the kisser. Research has discovered that this tiny delicate curve is laced with extra sensitive nerve receptors.

Sucking his lower lip with your mouth and using your tongue to stroke it up and down effectively stimulates the whole zone in a teasing manner putting your man on the erotic edge. You can learn how to please you man sexually if you discover that keeping his lower lip in your mouth heightens the sensation.

4. The Front of His Neck…In the quest on how to please your man sexually you may have concentrated on his neck, between his collar and ears and in the process missed out on a very crucial stimulation spot; the area below his Adams apple.

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The thyroid gland found in this area is linked to the sex organs. Make him flat out on the bed and place his head on the pillow. Brush your wet lips on the hollow part of his throat. Run the soft flat part of your tongue to lick his Adams apple.

Subsequently, tease him with in circles to make sure that you excite the thyroid gland and in the process maximize the pleasure. Don’t be surprised when he screams out your name.

5. Stroking His Perineum…His Perineum might not be the sexiest part of his body but this smooth space nested between his testicle and anus is still one of the places that can really trigger your man into frenzy. It has the same kind nerves as his penis but it’s ignored by most women and is therefore more sensitive.

After he is inside you, stretch your hand to reach his testicles while teasing them. Apply pressure gently on his perineum using the flat part of your thumb while moving it in little circles. Keep interchanging the circles in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, up and down. The pleasure is increased as you exert more pressure.

The secret to please your man in bed6. His G-Spot…As a woman you know what teasing your G-spot can do to increase the pleasure during sex. But have you stopped to wonder whether his G-spot exists? Well, in case you didn’t know it does!

His G-spot is his prostrate, a tiny chestnut-size gland found under the bladder at the very base of his penis. This male G-spot can do with some stroking just before you engage in a sexual intercourse. Give him a hand job which causes the spongy tissue located in the penis to rub against this gland. The sensations he will get from this actions resemble those he experiences when he thrusts deep into you. Doing this will really satisfy your man!

7. The Dip in His Ankle…Located halfway between the ankle bone and his heel is a tiny fingertip sized point of pressure that research has shown to have a massive passion potential. This spot is directly connected to sex organs and produces a feeling of pleasure when pressed.

how to please a man in bed with oral sex

To effectively trigger your man to a possible arousal, get into a reverse girl on top position in such a way that you face his feet. When he is just about to hit orgasm, reach forward for his ankle and rhythmically pulse this points of pressure to make him moan in satisfaction as you seek on ways of how to please your man in bed.

8. His Frenulum…The F spot as it is popularly known is the tiny knob of flesh just below the crown of your man’s penis where the head connects with the shaft. It doesn’t get too much attention owing to its discreet position.

To make him aroused and pleased in bed at the same time, reach for the frenulum and lick the crown with the tip of your tongue. Work your hand up and down the shaft to drive him into a climax world.

9. The Look on Your Face Gives Him Affirmation…While it is easy to tell if a woman is enjoying sex through the actions of her body, the same can’t be said of men. A man will look at your face during sex to tell if you are enjoying the intercourse and will change tact if need be.

To trigger his sexual desires even more don’t be afraid to expose the way you feel to him through your body language. An eye contact during sex will increase his arousal since he will be sure that he is giving you some good action.

There you have it; with this information you certainly can’t run out of options on how to please your man in bed. Enjoy great sex!

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