5 Super Hot Sex Tips to Wow Your Man

5 Super Hot Sex Tips to Make Him Want You Even More!

sex tips to massage your manThe biggest sex tips are when He says the sex was good! . It’s no secret that men love sex, don’t blame them, that how they are biologically programmed. They easily get aroused by what meets their eyes rather the reason for having sex. A friend of mine recently joked that men only need a place to have sex. Seeing that men are physical creatures, how do you make them really turned on?

These 5 super-hot sex tips to wow your man will certainly do the trick. For those women who know them, they will agree with me when I say they work like magic. Read on;

The 5 Sex Tips to Make Sex Last Longer!

1. Give Him a Show…You want to wow your man in bed? Touch yourself and let him watch you doing it. Touch your body in a way that is meant to entice his deepest sexual cravings. Any man will be intensely aroused by visual stimulation. To some men, achieving climax is as simple as watching a woman touch her boobs in an erotic way.

Use the little moves like touching your clit with the tip of your fingers while biting your lips and your man will be so tempted to jump at you full of desire! Most women touch themselves discreetly to achieve orgasm during sex but have no idea how this could be very exciting and provocative if done openly.

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2. Take the Matters into Your Own Hands…A hand job will certainly feature on the list of 5 super-hot sex tips to wow your man. Men generally love hand jobs, and while most won’t say it, it’s a great turn on. Therefore the next time you are gearing up for a sexual encounter with your man, get the matters into your own hands to make sure he enjoys the whole experience.

Get creative with the hand job. Give him a hand job he can’t do on his own. While still on the hand job, don’t forget to interchange the way you contract the grip between the shaft and the head. Release and contract your hands at say one second intervals.

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3. Wake Him Up…This is what I like to call the manual wake up call. Generally men love to be stroked and caressed by female hands. They love to watch as women take charge of bedroom matters. If your man has troubles achieving a firm erection, how about help him get hard?

You can do this by simply rubbing your hands with lubricating oil then working your man penis from the base all the way to the head in a circular motion. Stroke the head with your palm. Repeat this move a couple of times to make sure he is full erect. Waking your man goes hand in hand with showing that you are enthusiastic having sex with him.

4. Adjust Your Angle…Perhaps there is no greater way to turn on your man than changing sexual positions during intercourse. You can start with the missionary position but as you get sensual adjust the entry position. You can for instance let him enter you from the rear position which mainly achieves two worthy goals. It firstly prolongs the time he takes to reach orgasm which means more pleasure for you and secondly he has a full view of your “goodies”.

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Don’t be surprised if he gives you procreative spank on your behind. Coming on top is also a great way to wow your man. Like mentioned earlier man love it when women take charge in the bedroom once in a while. Another way to wow your man is giving him commands when he gets sensual in the heat of the moment.

5. The Ultimate Delight…There is not greater way to wow your man than giving him the ultimate delight through a blowjob. Not only is this an incredible way to make sure he really enjoys having sex with you but also a great way of exploring his desires and cravings. You can do the “dick tasting” technique by licking the super sensitive area below his penis. This move will have your man screaming your name in delight. You don’t think it can happen? Try it on your man tonight; you will be amazed at the result.

There you have it! 5 super-hot sex tips to arouse your man. Any or a combination of the above tips will make your man desire to have sex with you more often. That’s certainly not a bad thing!

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